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Exercise Band Exercises: Assisted Hamstring Stretch

Exercise Band Exercises: Assisted Hamstring Stretch

The helped hamstring stretch advances adaptability in the hamstring muscles while discharging pressure in the legs, hips and rump. Amid this prostrate stretch, blood stream to the abdominal area and mind increments as the leg is raised over the head. Utilizing an activity band escalates this stance by adding obstruction and enabling you to develop the stretch. You can change this activity to suit your level of adaptability by delaying the stretch when you feel your knee or the back of your thigh achieve the greatest scope of movement. With training, your adaptability and augmentation will increment.

Muscle Groups Worked

The hamstring stretches out along the back of the thigh to the knee. This muscle follows up on the hip and the knee joints. At the point when the hamstrings turn out to be tight from absence of activity or extending, the adaptability of your legs, hips and lower back might be constrained. Keeping up adaptable hamstrings is essential for comfort in sitting, standing, strolling, running or different exercises that expect you to expand and flex your knees. The helped hamstring stretch extricates this muscle and anticipates firmness or damage to the back of the leg.

The most effective method to Do an Assisted Hamstring Stretch

Utilize a medium-length practice band for appropriate opposition in this stretch. Lie on your back on a firm surface with your knees bowed and your thighs at a 90-degree point to your abdominal area. Settle your spine so you can feel the vertebrae in your lower back squeezing safely against the floor. Get your stomach muscles to shield your lower over from strain as you do the stretch. Keeping your leg bowed, bring your correct knee toward your chest and grab hold of the activity band. Circle the band around the bottom of your foot and gradually raise your foot into the air, rectifying your leg and keeping up pressure in the activity band. Delay the stretch on the off chance that you feel snugness in the back of your knee; don’t drive your leg to fix if the stretch ends up difficult. Once you’ve broadened your leg to the extent you can, utilize the activity band to delicately pull your leg toward your chest to heighten the stretch. Take the stretch the extent that you can without uneasiness or torment in your butt cheek, hamstring or knee. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, at that point gradually discharge your leg to its beginning position. Rehash 3 times on each side.

Instructions to Intensify the Exercise

You can make this activity all the more difficult by holding the stretch at full expansion for 10 seconds, at that point bringing down your leg to the floor and rehashing 10 to 15 times on each side. This development additionally conditions your center muscles as you connect with your guts to hold your lower back squeezed against the floor. Wearing light lower leg weights while playing out the stretch will fabricate muscle quality in the muscles in the back and front of your thighs.


Keep your center muscles firm to keep your once more from angling as you do this hamstring stretch, particularly in case you’re performing it as a dynamic exercise. Never stretch out your knee or hamstring to the point of torment. Give time to extending your quadriceps, the muscles along the front of the thigh that supplement the activities of the hamstrings, to keep up approach adaptability in both muscle gatherings.

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